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Our Mobile Phones

Our range of handsets include simple and easy to use models. Our tariff is structured in a clear and simple format with no hidden extras.

Our mobile phones are on prepay accounts. Prepay call charges apply.

Our In-Car GPS

Phone Hire Australia is also offering an In-Car GPS system with up to date pre-loaded Australian road maps.

Never get lost. Just set your daily destination and feel free to wander around our beautiful country.

Our Mobile Modem

With our Pocket WiFi mobile modem you’ll be able to use your laptop computer, iPhone, iPad, Touch or PDA to access the Internet (at the same time if you want), read e-mails and find useful information while traveling. If you don’t have wireless on your laptop just ask for one of our USB modems instead when you order in the comments field.

All our products can be delivered to any Australian address prior to your arrival. It can be a car rental agency, your first nights hotel or any other postal address.

Satellite Phone

When you’re traveling Australia and need a reliable system to keep you in touch with your business or family, a satellite phone can help you with all your communication needs.

Australia’s cellular coverage in remote areas is quite limited. If you plan a hiking, fishing, hunting or just camping in remote locations you may be out of reach and unable to communicate with the mobile network. Satellite phone will work at any location allowing you to contact your friends, family or the get help.

All prices are quoted are in Australian Dollars and include Goods & Services Tax. There are no hidden extras.
Minimum hire period is 7 days.
Orders should be made at least a week in advance wherever possible. We can normally still supply in under a week but cannot always guarantee availability. Our online ordering will not accept a start date less than a week in advance so contact us and we will do our best to supply for you in time.

Mobile Phone

Hire an easy to use mobile phone with text messaging (SMS) capabilities.

Our models

Daily rates:
First 20 days: $3
After day 20: $1
Refundable Bond and initial prepay account balance: $60
Delivery fee: $20

Mobile Internet Modem

Stay connected while traveling with your own laptop, PDA, iPhone, Touch or iPad and a rental Pocket WiFi cellular modem.

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Daily rates for modem and data:
First 20 days: $10
After day 20: $6
Refundable Bond: $100
Delivery fee: $20

Combo Deal
Get a Mobile Phone with your Modem for just one extra Dollar a day.

In-Car GPS

A simple to use navigation system.

We offer TomTom GPS, a reliable and simple to use system that will guide you to anywhere in Australia. Just set your destination: your hotel, B&B or a tourist attraction and the GPS system will guide you there clearly and safely. Use it find find the nearest petrol station, Hospital, Police Station,  MacDonalds or pretty much anything you need

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Daily rates:
First 20 days: $7
After day 20: $2
Refundable Bond: $200
Delivery fee: $30

Combo Deal
Get a Mobile Phone with your GPS for just one extra Dollar a day.

Satellite Phone

The minimum rental period is 3 days.

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Daily rental fee: $28.50
Delivery fee: $50

SIM card

If you have an unlocked GSM mobile that operates on frequency of 900Mhz and open to other SIM cards, then you can use it in Australia with a local SIM card.

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  • Buy a SIM card for $40.
  • Unlimited data, national calls and txts.  Easy top-up when you arrive.
  • Price includes delivery to either your home country address or within Australia.